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Automated Feces Analyzer

1. Testing speed: 10-30 specimens per hour.

2. Combination of high-powered and low-powered microscope examination.

3. Globally innovative methods for detecting special worm eggs and parasites.

4. Deep learning AI recognition function with recognition capability. 

5. Fully sealed sampling cup; Single sample loading method.

6. High-precision reusable quartz counting plate.

7. Tomographic scanning with high image clarity.

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Ova and Parasites Special Test Mode Flotation Method and Sedimentation Method.
Iodine Staining Function Under Iodine staining mode Analyser can automatically add Iodine staining solution to stain the sample, improve the detection rate of special Ova and Parasite.
Test Speed Integrated speed < 30 specimen / hour, high speed and high efficiency.
Test Channel Flowing quartz counting cell.
Microscope High and low power objective lens, with functions of auto focus upon startup and one-push auto focus.
Camera 5 mega-pixel HD CMOS camera.
Mixing Method Mechanical rotation, with adjustable mixing speed.
Image quantity More than 300 images, supporting multiple combinations of images and customised quantity of shooting fields.
Image Capture Mode Multi-field layered scanning, up to 8 layers per field.
Quality Control Softwares comes with functional quality control function, directly on the machine for quality control operations.
Communication Function Duplex bidirectional communication.
Code Scanning The instrument is equipped with an external barcode reader.
Consumables Sample collection cup, sample diluent, cleaning solution, concentrated cleaning solution and quality control.
Colloidal Gold Detection Items 7 items can be expanded by manual method. (Fecal occult blood, Transferrin, Adenovirus, Rotavirus, Helicobacter pylori, Calprotectin and Lactoferrin.)
Quality Control Formed elements.