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AMP Piccos II Semi-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

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AMP Piccos II is a semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer for simple, efficient and accurate performance of any photometric clinical chemistry test. Due to its versatility and flexibility the fields of application are multiple - either as a powerful multi-purpose clinical chemistry workstation in small laboratories or as a dedicated analyzer for less frequently performed specific analytes or as a back-up analyzer being on call 24 hours a day.

  • 7 standard and 1 optional wave lengths
  • protocols of all routine parameters pre-programmed
  • simple adjustment according to individual requirements
  • flow cell temperature controlled at 25°, 30° or 37°C
  • graphic presentation of reaction and calibration curves
  • results can be reported parameter or patient oriented
  • enhanced quality control data management
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Light Source Halogen Lamp (6V/10W)
Wavelength Definition 8 position filter wheel
Wavelengths 340, 405, 505, 546, 578, 620 and 670 nm standard, 1 optional
Photometric range 0.000 - 3.000 abs (resolution 0.001 abs)
Linearity r ≥ 0.999
Repeatability cv < 0.5 %
Measuring system flowcell (32 μL), photometer cuvette, cuvette position sensor
Cuvette/flowcell holder thermostated (25°, 30°, 37°C)
Calibration factor, one or multi-point standard
Measurement modes end point, kinetic, two point kinetic absorbance, reagent and/or sample blank mono- or bichromatic tests
Operation 6 function and 4 cursor keys numeric keypad
Display 7‘‘ TFT screen (touch screen optional) real-time absorbance curve, temperature and lamp status
Options keyboard, mouse, barcode reader
Printer built-in thermoprinter
Memory 200 test protocols, 100.000 results
Interfaces RS-232, 4 x USB, SD card
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 130 W
Dimensions W 420 x D 310 x H 152 mm
Weight 7 kg